The Master Harold Plaster Ceiling Rose 229mm

Product Code: GBCR-22-229

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The Master Harold Plaster Ceiling Rose 510mm

The Harold 9inch (229mm), Plaster Ceiling Rose is one of the smallest decorative plaster mouldings. This simple and stylish deep ceiling moulding will work in any period home. The Diameter of this ceiling rose is 229mm or 9inches and is a perfect adddition to places where space might be a concern. 

Named after the 1982 play "Master Harold...and the Boys", by Athol Fugard. This story centers around themes of endurane, bravery and change; and like it's namesake, this rose embodies a very simple idea that has endured the test of time. 

All our plaster ceiling roses are handmade from the finest quality gypsum plaster using traditional techniques. This Plaster Ceiling Rose is made at our workshop in Yorkshire using British Gypsum. These Ceiling Roses are hand cast in finely detailed traditional moulds, which give all our designs the sharpest definition and consistent quality, along with the unmistakable look and feel of traditional plaster.

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