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Fan Back Windsor Side Chair

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The Fan Back Windsor Side Chair is a British design classic. Period Style Windsor chairs are all hand made from British hardwoods - Ash, Cherry, Oak or Yew, and come with three different options for the back rest in order to suit your home. Such chairs are a perfect accompaniment to the Hand Made Winsor Arm Chair from Period Style.

  • British Windsor chair
  • Georgian / Victorian Backsplat
  • Available in Ash, Cherry, Oak, or Yew
  • Standard or bespoke carving designs available
  • British made using traditional techniques

The Spindle back chairs are probably the most traditional, hand turned design that goes back centuries. The spindle back chair dates from a time when Britain was a rural economy and the farmhouse table was the center of everyday life.

The Georgian era heralded new designs and a need for slightly more individuality and oppulance. The Windsor Chair was adapted to include a Georgian Backsplat and Crenolin stetcher under the chair instead of the traditional H stretcher - to accomodate all of those impractical Georgian dresses.

The Victorian era saw the demise of the Crenolin Stretcher and the emergence of a rich variety of hand carved backsplats. Some of our standard designs are included here - we can arrange a bespoke carving - contact us directly for more details.

All chairs are hand made in Britain to order and take about 21 days to deliver - subject to your exact requirements.

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