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Ecofan 806 Gas-Fire Fan - Black & Gold

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227.99 inc. VAT)


The design of the heat powered fan allows it to circulate the warm air created by a gas stove (that operates at a lower temperature than a wood burning stove). As the fan generates its own electricity there is no requirement for either batteries or wires.

The Ecofan enables the warm air generated by the stove to circulate directly into living areas instead of rising to the ceiling. If positioned behind a tray of water on the stove top, the 806 Ecofan can help combat dry air.

Blades are available in two colours: gold or nickel. 

  • Size: Base 162x61mm (6.4x2.4").
  • Height: 240mm (9.5") from base to tip of blade, handle excluded.

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Ecofan 806 Gas-Fire Fan (Black & Gold)