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Cast Iron Lamp Posts

Welcome to our stunning range of Cast Iron Lamp Posts. There really is nothing quite like the warm, comforting glow of a traditional Lamp Post & Lantern to make gardens, drive ways and patios exude class and sophistication. These traditional Lamp Posts & Lanterns will create the perfect ambient mood for relaxing, dining with friends and entertaining outdoors. Their comforting ambient glow can extend lazy summer evenings and add a sense of warmth and character in winter months making your property into a Victorian winter wonderland! Stunning to behold, these Lamp Posts & Lanterns not only look beautiful, they can also help with home security by lighting dark and shadowy areas. Once installed, these Lamp Posts & Lanterns will light the grounds of your property and create safe, well lit walkways.

These traditional Cast Iron Lamp Post & Lantern sets are made using traditional, authentic designs but with modern working methods and materials, ensuring that your Lamp Posts stand the test of time and bring joy and comfort for years to come. The bases of the Lamp Posts are made of Cast Iron, and forged in the traditional way. The poles are made of Steel and are lovingly decorated with traditional patterns and motifs. The lanterns themselves can be made of Steel or Aluminum and are finished to the highest possible standards. Each unit is lovingly finished in a traditional black power coat to create the authentic Victorian look.