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Chesterfield Sofas

Hand Made Chesterfield Sofas
Period Style Chesterfield Sofas take their names from the private member Clubs where they have been a staple feature for generations. They are all hand made in Britain. The production of a good Chesterfield Sofa, that will serve the test of time and last for generations comes from the experience of making such sofas for generations.

Our Chesterfield Sofas come in several colours and in two levels of finish. The difference between the standard construction and commercial construction is in the weight of the Sofa. When a Sofa is finished commercially, extra filling is added and extra supports are included. All of the sofas we supply to clubs have this commercial level of finish as they are designed to be that much more hard wearing. Our standard range is suitable for most domestic settings. It is only with Period Style hand made furniture that you receive this choice.

Our Chesterfield Sofas are all hand made with wooden frame and the highest quality grade A leathers.

Our Chesterfield sofas come in several sizes